Review: Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

One of the most well-known brands in the audio industry is Bang and Olufson. one that is well-known to people and is typically linked with an established level of prominence in addition to high-quality sound. When I heard that the company had decided to enter the market for portable Bluetooth speakers, I couldn’t help but get quite thrilled.

People have a tendency to link portable Bluetooth speakers with low-quality Chinese imports or with whatever is currently on sale at best buy. When purchasing something of this size, it is common knowledge that one should completely abandon any expectations regarding the quality of the sound produced by the item. The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 is an attempt to shift people’s expectations of how well a portable wireless speaker can perform. The speaker is designed to be wireless and portable.

The A1 is a premium portable Bluetooth speaker, and its price tag of $250 reflects its status as such according to all assessments and standards. That is quite a bit more expensive than the comparable products offered by the competition, such as those manufactured by Ultimate Ears and referred to as their boom, flip, and roll speakers. Is it therefore worthwhile? Should you spend more than two hundred and fifty dollars on a portable speaker, and, more importantly, how does the Beoplay A1 sound?

List of the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Speakers in 2023

Detailed Review: Design Is Tiny And Light, But It Has An Outstanding Appearance


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An analysis of the Bang & Olufsen A1

In my opinion, the Beoplay A1 has the most appealing design of any portable speaker now available on the market. Everything about it exudes sophistication, and it does a great job of distinguishing itself from the other products that appear to be pretty ordinary in comparison. It has the appearance of a disc, or perhaps a UFO, and its underside is flat, while the top has a gentle curve to it. The outside casing is completely composed of aluminum, and you can have it in a few various colors (mint, silver, or black), all of which look well-executed and uncluttered.

The speaker’s construction is so sturdy that you simply know it will be able to withstand the rigors of traveling, camping, and hiking. If you plan to move it around your home, it won’t appear out of place at all, and it won’t look out of place when you take it with you when you go hiking or camping. In spite of its sturdiness and solid construction, it measures only 7.5 by 7.5 by 3.5 inches and weighs much less than two pounds.

The exterior is uncluttered, but there is a microphone that may be used for conference calls and a few touch-sensitive buttons that regulate the playback power and volume. Finally, you get a nice small leather lanyard that is more than just a gimmick. We found ourselves using it to hang the speakers everywhere when we were out and about, despite the fact that doing so does somewhat decrease the intensity of the bass. The lanyard is included in the package.

The Quality Of The Sound Is Not At All Like That Of Most Other Portable Speakers

It’s hard to believe that such a little object can produce such a high-quality sound. When striving to create a happy medium between portability and sound quality, there will inevitably be compromises on both sides of the equation. In most cases, the size of an object is directly correlated to the quality of its sound. The most significant issue appears to be the fact that the bass suffers significantly whenever the instrument’s size is decreased. People tend to turn up the volume to make up for the reduced bass, which in turn causes distortion in the sound. When attempting to listen to something, having a lot of bass or distortion can be really distracting. It is much simpler to overlook muddying effects or a loss of detail than it is to overlook an overall decline in sound quality.

Thankfully, during the course of our study, the Beoplay A1 was able to deliver robust and snappy bass that is capable of competing with speakers that are many times its size. In addition to this, it is capable of doing so with very little to no distortion at all, despite the fact that it is loud enough to fill big rooms and is an excellent speaker for use outside at parties.

The treble, in contrast to what is typically seen on inexpensive speakers, is not harsh but rather laid back and fairly smooth. There was never a single incident in which the highs reached their maximum and caused any kind of unpleasant spikes. However, the A1 offers a considerable degree of detail that, despite its smoothness, still works well for classical and jazz music, provided that is the type of music that interests you.

The midrange is just where it should be. It is unbroken and transparent, free of peaks in the upper mids, and exudes a pleasant tinge of warmth, all of which contribute to its adaptability to a wide variety of musical styles. Instead of having an all-out harsh clarity, the Beoplay A1 delivers a sound that is pleasant and engaging thanks to the lushness of the midrange. This makes it an excellent choice for use at parties. The instruments are separated quite well, and the only speaker we’ve heard that comes close is the Minirigs model that we evaluated a month ago.

As was said before, the Bang & Olufsen A1 receives the majority of its praise for its low end. Getting the proportions of size, volume, clarity, and impact at the low end just right is not a simple task, but this is one of the best efforts that has been made thus far. I continue to believe that the Minirigs have a slightly superior bass, but at this point, we are really just splitting hairs because neither one of them comes close to competing with anything else on the market. This item sounds fantastic while playing electronic and hip-hop music, and it is hefty enough to produce a terrific sound even in open places such as parks and beaches. However, it really shines when placed in a space that is on the larger side. If you position the B&O speaker such that it is against a wall or in a corner, your listening experience will be much better. There is a very slight transfer of energy from the bottom end into the midrange, but the overall sound never comes across as oppressive or muddy. It has an appropriate ring to it.


The small rigs have emerged as our top choice for the most effective portable Bluetooth speaker currently available. Reasons to consider purchasing this product include its nearly unbreakable build, high-quality sound, and excellent battery life. Before we heard the B&O A1, I would have suggested it to anyone over any other product now available on the market. Choosing between the A1 and the Minirigs is not an easy decision because both of them are capable of doing a wide variety of tasks really well. The A1 is the more expensive of the two options, but it also has the more attractive design. The Minirigs are likely to have an advantage when it comes to availability in markets that aren’t the UK, as well as the build and the battery. Sound output from the Minirigs is only available in mono, in contrast to the A1’s preferred bi-directional arrangement. The Minirigs, which come at an additional fee, can be daisy-chained with the sub and another Minirigs speaker to make an outstanding sounding 2.1 tiny HiFi configuration; however, the A1 was designed to be used on its own.

When compared to their size, both of them have an outstanding sound. In the end, the price and the way something looks are going to be the primary areas of contention. Personally, I wouldn’t be picky and would be pleased with either option. The sound quality is the most important aspect to me, and both of these options offer exceptional performance despite their compact size. On the other hand, the Minirig is not only more affordable, but it is also better constructed and can be expanded into a full 2.1 system that has a huge sound presence. On the other hand, in contrast to the Minirigs proprietary cord, the B&O A1 is equipped with an industry-standard power connector in the form of a USB-c connector. In contrast to the unidirectional sound projection of the Minirigs, this one projects sound in all directions simultaneously.

The choice between the two is not an easy one, and in the end, it will come down to the criteria you have for a portable speaker that delivers high-quality sound. However, you may have peace of mind knowing that each of these products are at the top of the heap in their respective categories.


Even if it has some competition for the title of best portable Bluetooth speaker, the B&O A1 is still very much in the driver’s seat in this race. It is very much at the top of the pile. It is hard to compare this speaker’s design and sound quality with the endless supply of Chinese speakers that fall within this size category. Although it costs a lot of money to be able to listen to audio while you are on the go, it is worth every penny.

Even still, we had hoped for a certain degree of waterproofing, as well as the possibility of WiFi connectivity and perhaps even improved well-being features, in subsequent models. If you are someone who enjoys spending time outside but is searching for a more refined level of music, however, the Beoplay A1 is currently one of the wireless speakers that offers the best combination of good looks and sound quality.

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