Top 11 Best On-ear Headphones in 2023

Because so many other sites combine on-ear headphones with a more broad headphone classification as a whole, we made a list of the top on-ear headphones just for 2023. We believe that On ears deserve their own top 10 because they have their own fan base and special qualities.

Before recommending the top 10 models, we want to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of on-ear headphone designs, which are popular. There should be something for everyone since we will be covering a wide range of styles and price points.

As always, feel free to contact us by email or Facebook if you have any particular inquiries concerning these types of headphones or would like to know our opinions on models that aren’t included. We will respond as soon as possible.


Let’s begin by providing a brief definition of on-ear headphones. These headphones don’t surround the ear; instead, they sit on top of it, as you might have predicted. The latter may alternatively be referred to as circumaural or full-size headphones, but the aforementioned explanation is the most straightforward.

The fact that there are several on-ear headphone versions adds a bit more complexity. You can choose between one that has a single pad, typically with perforations, or one that is round like on full-size headphones.

Of course, which one you decide to choose will depend on your own preferences, and both models of on-ear headphones provide fantastic options. The straight pad variants are a little more comfortable because of the more even distribution of touch points over the ears, whilst the circular pad versions tend to be a little more breathable and airy sounding.


We want to talk about a few special benefits of utilizing on-ear headphones. On-ear headphones can be the appropriate choice for you if you enjoy traveling or dislike the huge look. Bigger does not always equal better.

Smaller Size – Yes, on-ear headphones are typically much more compact because there is less room required to house the earcups. They are therefore more suited for situations where you don’t want to carry about a heavy set of cans and are ideal for travel.

On-ear headphones tend to be a little lighter than over-ear models, however this isn’t always the case (a lot depends on the material choices). This is because smaller headphones fully use smaller speakers and require less material to completely envelop the ear.

Tuning: Some on-ear headphones have a distinctive sound that is impossible to reproduce in a larger earcup. Because it improves the sound, many headphones are made to be worn on the ear.

Good for sports – This ties in with the smaller size, but headphones that are used for exercise tend to be lighter and less distracting when moving around.


Of course, using on-ear headphones isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. They offer certain distinct advantages over larger models, but they also have some drawbacks that you should take into account.

Ears may become sweaty since there is less air beneath each cushion and your outer ear serves as the direct point of contact. It normally helps to take them off for a few minutes, but it’s something to think about before you buy.

More pressure – Once more, because your ear is not sitting comfortably, you will be immediately exposed to the entire clamping pressure of the headphones. As far as we can tell, this only causes problems for a short while before your body adjusts and any initial soreness goes away.

Less Tech – Up until recently, many firms’ headphone lines largely ignored on-ear headphones. Yes, in the past, larger headphones have dominated the market, but in recent years, an increasing number of manufacturers have focused heavily on their on-ear devices.

List of the 11 Best On-ear Headphones in 2023

1. The JABRA ELITE 45H is an exceptional value

 1. The JABRA ELITE 45H is an exceptional value.

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The list begins with the most popular on-ear headphone release of 2023. Jabra is renowned for their high-quality, affordable wireless headphones, and they provide a wide variety of models to suit any need. The 45H is one of the most attractive on-ear headphones you can buy, yet they aren’t lacking in features.

They include Bluetooth connectivity and can last for 50 hours on a single charge, which is impressive. The 45H provides excellent crystal clear call quality, as one would anticipate from a firm whose roots are in telecommunications equipment. The construction is likewise excellent, with the metal and premium headband taking center stage and giving us a lot of hope for their long-term durability.

The audio is vivid, precise, and articulate. With its quick, snappy pace and the low-down strong hit of its dynamic driver, the bass is simply perfect. This is the proper way to make hybrid headphones.



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B&O is renowned for its high-end line of audio equipment, and the H8 offers many of the characteristics of their more expensive full-size versions in a more compact design.

Due to its low-profile earcups, they have superb build quality and look great on the head. Because there is so much memory foam padding in the earpads, they are quite comfortable for on-ear headphones and come in three different colors (black, pink, and cream).

Smooth tones and a midrange emphasis make the sound suitable for both rock and acoustic music. The slightly boosted bass, however, gives punch and textured notes without causing distortion, so these headphones also work well with EDM.



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For many years, Beats had a poor reputation. They have worked hard over the past several years to produce some pretty decent portable headphones, despite being perceived as perhaps more of a trendy headset than a good headphone. Of course, this is my fave of their current roster. The Solo Pro by Beats.

It is nicely built and rather tough, constructed to withstand the daily abuse of travel and commuting. It has an Apple W1 chip inside to enable smooth compatibility with Apple products. Additionally, it comes in a variety of colors so you may choose how you style it.

With powerful lows and a smooth overall presentation that has touches of warmth, the sound is excellent. It has a highly enjoyable tuning and sounds considerably clearer than earlier beats. They have a battery life of about 30 hours on a single charge, and fortunately, the link below has some fantastic offers on these headphones right now.



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One of my personal go-to on-ear headphones under $20. The second pair of headphones on the list are from Jabra, and they stand out because of how affordable yet high-quality they are. create some unique headphones.

The design is straightforwardly functional with a dash of elegance. The choice of materials is wise, and I have no doubt that it will hold up over time. Even though they are not ultra-premium headphones, these oddly feel like good value for the money. The focus of the sound is on supple and interesting mids. The top end never causes sibilance, and the bass is hard when it has to be.

What else is left to say? I have a set of these headphones for the gym that I use and adore.

5. KOSS PORTA PRO Headphone On Ear


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The Porta Pro by Koss is the winner of the best portable headphone under $100 due to its tiny size and excellent quality.

Legendary headphones are Koss Porta Pros. Can you think of any other headphones that have been available for more than 25 years without needing to be updated?

One of the best on-ear headphones of its day, the Koss Porta pro is still competitive in 2023. I like the retro look and the compact size factor, but I like the pricing even more.

They sound incredibly clear, offer a spacious soundstage with tons of detail, and can be tuned to your personal preferences owing to the DIY modding tutorials that so many thrifty audiophiles have posted online.

Many people believe that the Porta Pro is the entry-level on-ear headset with audiophile-level tuning.

6. On-ear headphones for the BEYERDYNAMIC T51I.

 6. On-ear headphones for the BEYERDYNAMIC T51I.

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Audio purists hold the Beyerdynamic T51i in very high regard as a unique headphone.

It is really challenging to find any flaws with these on-ear headphones because the sound is well-balanced and crisp.

They are compact, surprisingly comfy, and built like a tank to be able to handle the professional music monitoring role for which they were intended.

I also believe that these are a really elegant substitute for some of the more gaudy fashion headphones that are now offered on the market, making them more than just studio monitors.

7. On-ear DJ headphones SENNHEISER HD-25

 7. On-ear DJ headphones SENNHEISER HD-25

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It’s challenging to discuss the T50p without also mentioning Sennheiser’s illustrious HD-25.

Since this headphone is a strong contender for the title of best headphone of all time, you should choose one of the original designs.

In the past 20 years, practically every significant DJ has used it, and it generates sounds that are incredibly clear and sharp.

Top notes can shine due to balanced tuning, while the bass stays tight and concentrated.

Be relieved to know that practically every component of these headphones can be replaced if something goes wrong.

8. GRADO SR80X On Ear Headphones


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The Grado SR80 headphones, which have stayed mostly the same over time, are seen from the side.

We adore the Grado SR80x headphone’s traditional design.

The Grado SR80x is another classic. Over the years, it had a few minor alterations, but overall, the design remained the same.

If a clear, neutral sound is what you’re looking, these headphones are an excellent option because they are one of the headphones that most likely introduced people to a greater level of fidelity than any other.

However, the sound is the primary selling point, so just be aware that not everyone will enjoy the fit.

Oh, and since these are open-back headphones, it is advisable to use them alone so as not to bother those nearby, just as the Koss Porta Pro.

9. The GRADO SR60X, the company’s entry-level headphones

 9. The GRADO SR60X, the company's entry-level headphones

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If you prefer to remain with open-back headphones, Grado also has the SR60x, which is their entry-level but unbelievably affordable model.

The SR60 is a model with a fashionable appearance since it uses the same conventional design language as other Grado headphones. The soft foam pads are simply foam; they require some getting accustomed to.

The sound is bass-light and mid-focused. It’s a really clean-sounding headphone that transports me to a simpler time when music was the only thing that mattered. A fantastic headset that, for those who don’t want to spend a fortune, can serve as an entry point into the audiophile headphone hobby.

10. On-ear headphones BOWER & WILKINS P5

 10. On-ear headphones BOWER & WILKINS P5

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Bower & Wilkins really stepped up its game and is assembling a very competitive and complete array of outstanding sounding headphones, not content with allowing Bang & Olufsen have all the spotlight.

These are some of my personal favorite headphones for traveling because they not only have excellent build quality and sound great, but also have a really stylish appearance when worn. Even if the price is exorbitant, this headset stands out as being deserving of the label “luxury products.”

11. Master & Dynamic MW50 2-IN-1 Headphones

 11. Master & Dynamic MW50 2-IN-1 Headphones

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We recently completed an evaluation of the Master & Dynamic MW50+ headphones and were very pleased with the results. By swapping out the accompanying earpads, the 50 are a pair of convertible headphones that may be worn on the ear or over the ear.

They are very adaptable as a result. The MW50 headphones are among the best-built and best-looking ones available, and despite their expensive price, we believe they are a wonderful purchase.


Aside from on-ear and over-ear headphones, there are a few important factors you should take into account before buying any headphones. Many people make the mistake of going all out in their search for the best-looking, sounding, or most affordable pair of headphones. These might all stand alone as fallacies.

The most crucial advice I give anyone wanting to get headphones is to organize your other priorities after first considering how you plan to utilize your headphones. Even the best-sounding headphones are useless if they are impossible to wear while using them. Even the most attractive headphones are useless if they produce poor audio. You get it now?

What, therefore, are the essential components of a good pair of headphones?


This is the most significant to me. I’m looking for something appealing. Because not all headphones have the same sound, some pair better with particular musical genres than others. As a result, consider the musical genres you enjoy and look for the best-sounding headphones.


When choosing headphones, consider the build. You don’t want to invest a lot of money only to discover that it was for naught after a year. Thankfully, businesses are now paying close attention to how their headphones are built and are therefore providing lengthier warranties.


You’re going to be wearing these for hours on end, so there’s no reason to wear something uncomfortable or irritating. Why do it with headphones when you wouldn’t do it with your clothes? The ideal scenario is to try them on before buying, but if that isn’t possible, search for a retailer with a straightforward (ideally free) returns policy.


Many audiophiles don’t give a damn what kind of headphones they’re wearing. It’s a tool for getting there. They will persevere in their quest for unwavering fidelity. While I generally concur with a home setup where aesthetics are unimportant on-ear, headphones will most likely be utilized by folks on the road. When purchasing a pair of portable headphones, I look for a decent, clean aesthetic because appearance matters to me and many other people.


Another thing to consider when buying headphones is whether they have an open back or a closed back. Open-back headphones have a driver that is heavily vented and exposed to the environment, whereas closed-back headphones merely mean that the driver is housed inside the housing.

Open-back headphones aren’t going to be as suitable because outside noise can enter via those vents, as I previously indicated, the people who often use ear headphones do it when they are outside the home. But because they sound so great, I’ve added a few open-back headphones to this list. As a general rule, closed-back headphones are preferable for louder listening conditions, but open-back headphones (those with an exposed driver) are excellent for when you’re alone.

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