Top 10 Best Waterproof Swimming Headphones in 2023

The thing I struggled with the most leading up to my first half-Ironman was getting bored while swimming. As the number of hours in the water increased, I was increasingly frustrated because I found swimming to be tedious and more of a chore than a sport I loved. Until I was introduced to waterproof headphones (really waterproof earphones) by one of my training partners, which drastically altered the way I exercised.

I have tried numerous earphone models over the course of the last few years. Given that this website reviews headphones, it was appropriate to compile a list of the top 10 waterproof headphones for swimming and reveal my preferred set-up in 2023.

It’s important to note that this list has advantages for everyone, not only swimmers. These headphones are suitable for practically any sport where getting wet is a possibility. They are great for paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding, etc., and anything in between. The important thing to keep in mind is that they are currently the finest solutions available if your earbuds will come into contact with water.

List of the 10 Best Waterproof Headphones For Swimming in 2023

1. Aquatic Hydroactive Swimbuds Waterproof Earbuds

 1. Aquatic Hydroactive Swimbuds Waterproof Earbuds

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I first had second thoughts about investing this much money in a pair of waterproof earphones. But now that I’ve used them for a few months, I can’t go back to using regular earbuds.

Although I’ve never been a fan of neckband earphones, they are a great option for swimming because they prevent the earphones from falling out.

Excellent materials were used in their construction, and they were resistant to snapping and cracking. The neckband is actually fairly flexible, so I don’t think there’s much possibility of the headphones breaking unless you’re being particularly rough with them.

The variety of ear tip selections available with Hydroactive is one of its main selling points. You have a lot of alternatives to get a strong seal and keep water out because they have 4 distinct designs of tips that each come in 3 sizes.

The default length of the earphones’ short cable, which I found to be the ideal length to hook to my player at the back of my swim hat, is short. They also come with a longer cord that is a straightforward plug-and-play design so you can readily adapt them for use outside of the pool.

2. Sony NW-WS623 – Waterproof Headphone with MP3 Player

 2. Sony NW-WS623 - Waterproof Headphone with MP3 Player

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Although some individuals at the pool are wearing these all-in-one neckband earphones with an integrated MP3 player, I myself prefer to use a separate MP3 player with my headphones. After doing a lot of research and testing out several various types, I decided on the Sony since they were reasonably priced and the only ones that managed to stay on my head securely throughout open-water swims.

The unfortunately called NW-WS623, despite its bulky appearance in the hand, is actually rather pleasant on the head, and they stayed in place without falling loose for the majority of my sessions.

There were both good and poor charging. On the one side, using the three-minute quick charge feature was fantastic. On the other hand, you may get an hour of playback duration at moderate listening volumes if you charge these earbuds for just 3 minutes away from the flat.

Sony made the unwise decision to employ a specialized charging dock. This means that charging these earbuds simply by plugging in the cord is not possible. It would be preferable to plug them into the specific charging cradle for this earphone.

The sound quality is outstanding and unquestionably the best in its class. These are a whole line of sports headphones that can be used both in and out of the water, which is something else I liked about them.

3. Waterproof earbuds by Agptek X8 for Swimmer

 3. Waterproof earbuds by Agptek X8

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The best performance of these inexpensive waterproof earphones from AGPtek was the biggest surprise on this list.

My original type from the brand, which I received together with one of their own waterproof MP3 players years ago, served as a backup to my Surge earbuds for a very long time.

Since my Surge headphones were stolen when I was on vacation, I bought the most recent generation of these earphones as a stopgap. However, despite the fact that they lack some of the finer details found in some of the more costly models, they are still excellent for swimmers on a budget.

They are conventional cable down ear headphones, and there are 2 types and 3 sizes of eartips for each style. The molding on the back of each earpiece is simple to grip with damp hands, so I found inserting them to be simple. Both tip designs were able to produce a strong, watertight seal due to the deep insertion depth.

The cable is short as is customary, however some may laud its flexibility in some spring-style accordion stretch, which I found added a little too much weight to the cable.

Although the sound is serviceable, it won’t stand out in this field. Instead, it’s a somewhat less treble-heavy boosted bass tuning.

4. Swimming Headphones H20 AUDIO SURGE S+

 4. Swimming Headphones H20 AUDIO SURGE S+

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One of the innovators who popularized swimming headphones is H20 Audio. For many years, I wore them in the water, and they’re a big part of why I love listening to audiobooks, podcasts, and music when I swim.

Although H2O Audio has a number of versions, the Surge S+ has the best value. Out of all the headphones we tried, they are the smallest, lightest, and most comfy for lengthy swimming sessions.

These are unquestionably the ones I advise if you don’t want a set of neckband-style earbuds. They truly stand out from the more affordable models on our list thanks to small details in the build quality.

The cable’s length makes it ideal for usage in an mp3 player mounted on goggles. Additionally, it lacks a cable win, eliminating the weight issue present in the AGPtek variant. There is no excess with these, but the extension cable adapter’s quality is by far the best and safest on the test.

Eartips come in 2 different designs. One comes with three-sized triple-layer fins that are good at keeping water out of your ears. The alternative kind is the conventional bud style tip, which many people find more comfortable but is less effective at keeping out water. There are 5 sizes available (XS-XL).

Sound quality rivals that of the Hydroactive, and it has excellent clarity and punchy, tight bass that will keep your sessions going for hours.

The last point will come down to personal style, but I think the Surge+ looks great with its blue cable and black splitters.

5. Waterproof headphones for swimming from SWIMBUDS FLIP

 5. Waterproof headphones for swimming from SWIMBUDS FLIP

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Swimbuds’ waterproof headphones have undergone a complete overhaul, and in terms of functionality and quality, the Flip is perfectly on par with the H2O Audio Surge+.

These are top-of-the-line swimming headphones with superb construction. They are cable-the-ear headphones rather than cable-down headphones. There is no clear winner in that aspect; it all depends on personal preference. However, over-the-ear cables tend to stay in place a little bit better while moving around underwater often, like in the case of freediving and flip turns.

The flip has a deep insertion depth, and they have a significant amount of canal extension. I had multiple moments where I thought I was going to touch my brain. Remember this because I prefer the deep sitting because it typically insures the durability of the waterproof seal. In lengthy listening sessions, some people could find this uncomfortable.

The sound quality is fantastic They feature a clean but slightly warm middle and powerful extension into the lows. Sibilance shouldn’t be an issue because the treble is nicely smooth.

6. H20 Audio Surge SX10 – Top Swimming Earbuds Waterproof

 6. H20 Audio Surge SX10 - Top Swimming Earbuds Waterproof

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Apply to the SX10 model what I wrote about the Surge headphones that I found delightful in the list above.

The SX10 has an over-the-ear monitor design where the wire flows upward instead of down, which is the largest difference between the two models. This makes them suited as multisport headphones and helps them stay in position when moving.

The SX10 earbuds sound identical to the original H2O earbuds, which is nice because the bass is responsive and deep. However, all of the frequencies have a clarity that less expensive earbuds in this price range lack.

To assist you find the ideal fit, you are given three different styles of eartips. Once again, the tri flange mode was my favorite since I believe the additional ribs improve the way they grasp the ear canals and prevent sliding.

If you can’t get your hands on the Swimbuds flip mentioned above, these are an excellent backup option. It was a close call between the two. Due to their reduced cost and superb deep fit, which made them feel quite safe in the ear, I eventually gave the Flip a higher ranking on my list.

7. Pyle Flextreme Incorporated MP3 for Swimming

 7. Pyle Flextreme Incorporated MP3 for Swimming

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The Sony model mentioned above is quite functionally similar to the Pyle Flextreme, but it costs only a third as much and comes without a proprietary charging port.

It has an IPX8 classification and can be immersed for up to 5 hours at a depth of 2 meters, though I imagine you could go a little over either of those limits without any big problems.

I particularly enjoy the straightforward drag and drop file system that works on both my Mac and PCs, and it offers 4GB of storage and supports a broad variety of files, including MP3, FLAC, and many more.

According to our test, the Pyle earphones had a playback time of almost 7 hours at a volume level of roughly 75%. That’s quite good, although I must say that I miss the quick-charge function of the Sony model.

They are surprisingly well-made for such inexpensive headphones, and I’ve used them in the sea and the pool for a few months without any issues. (Update: After two years of use, the original model is still functional.)

It’s important to remember that their bulky structure makes them a little difficult to wear under swim caps, and that they are more likely to catch the water without one.

8. Water-Resistant Headphones H2O AUDIO SONAR

 8. Water-Resistant Headphones H2O AUDIO SONAR

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One of the best-known brands for swimming while listening to music is H20.

They have a variety of headphones that can be worn in swimming pools or the ocean. Because they conduct their own research, design their own devices, and provide guarantees for them, think of them as the Apple of waterproof headphones.

The company is using bone conduction for the first time, and the results are fantastic.

The fact that they let me wear my regular swimming earplugs meant there was less chance of getting water in my ears from a poor seal, which for me was the largest benefit.

9. Finis Duo Bone Conduction Swimphones

 9. Finis Duo Bone Conduction Swimphones

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The sound waves are sent up to your eardrums via a technology known as bone conduction headphones. Its operation and numerous uses in the twenty-first century are described in the article mentioned above.

The act of swimming is one among them. The earpiece and MP3 player in these Finis headphones are built-in. Each side transmits sound by pressing down on your upper cheekbone and eye socket area and attaching to your goggles.

The primary benefit here is that you can wear your regular swimmer’s earplugs to protect from water while having this player deliver the music. It is a little unusual to hear sound in your mind rather than in the conventional sense.

Although the sound quality is very clear, it lacks bass. It seemed to work well for podcasts and audiobooks, but less so for music.

You can operate playback features like play/pause, skip & scroll tracks, and playlist shuffle with the device’s tactile controls.

The earbuds have a good build quality and were simple to convert between PC and Mac.

The Finis stand out from the other earphones on our list since you require a band around your head to attach them to while you are not swimming, which makes them worthless otherwise.



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If you’re seeking for the finest possible way to listen to music while swimming, I unequivocally suggest the audio flood iPod shuffle. The shuffle works perfectly for me when I use it. In essence, Audioflood alters a vanilla shuffle so that it may be used underwater.

The package includes top-notch headphones and additional accessories and is protected by their 2-year warranty.

Update: My Audioflood hasn’t missed a beat in the two years that I’ve been using it. Despite many more specialized and contemporary designs, I have been really impressed by how useful it has been. In my opinion, this is still the greatest alternative available.


I’ve already stated that I’m not a professional swimmer, but rather a triathlon, mid-distance swimmer, and enthusiast. I also happen to operate this headphones-focused website. I believe that those two qualities qualify me to offer my perspective on these products.

Over the previous five years, virtually nothing has changed with regard to my own setup. An Audioflood waterproof iPod Shuffle and a pair of Surge waterproof headphones were my initial purchases; you can learn more about them in the entire list that follows. I would attach the iPod with a clip to my goggles behind my head and plug the earphones’ short wire into the headphone connector.

The items I use right now, in 2023, are different, but the setup is the same.

This Sewobye Waterproof Player took the place of the Audioflood iPod. On our list of the best waterproof MP3 players, it presently has the highest recommendation due to its affordability and simplicity.

Additionally, the earbuds were replaced with Underwater Audio Hydroactive short cord earphones. I’ve tried a lot, but these are the ones that work the best for me. Unfortunately, many lists simply summarize the products, and the majority of websites have never even owned or thoroughly tried their products.

I’ve realized through time that the Hydroactive earphones are utterly not the greatest choice for me.

Never assume that anything on this list is sponsored; I truly paid for each and every pair of earbuds on it. No giveaways or paid advertisements. Just a straightforward assessment of what is excellent and terrible.

While this post focuses on the best waterproof headphones currently on the market, if you don’t require such a high level of waterproofing, you should check out our list of the best sports headphones.


You need waterproof headphones or earphones for swimming, so don’t make the mistake of purchasing something that is simply water-resistant. Something with an IPX68 or IPX70 grade is preferred. Only items that have been certified as completely waterproof will withstand being completely submerged in water.

Although certain headphones may be marked as sweat- or water-resistant, this does not necessarily imply that they are waterproof. They are not made for swimming or water activities, but they will still perform wonderfully if you splash water on them in the rain or sweat on them while running.

Additionally, I’ve learnt to control my expectations regarding the earbuds’ durability. If using sea salt or chlorinated pool water, this probably won’t last more than a few years. I strongly advise cleaning them with clean, fresh water after each usage if you use them in such settings. In the long run, this will help prevent corrosion and discoloration.


If you want to listen to music while swimming with your waterproof headphones, you’ll need a device that can do so. Even though some cell phones are advertised as waterproof, they are not made to be used submerged continuously for long periods of time. They are designed to be utilized at depths larger than a few feet, as well. However, many businesses produce fantastic waterproof MP3 players for swimming.

The SYRYN 8GB waterproof MP3 player and the Apple Audioflood iPod Shuffle are the two that I most often recommend and that I also use personally. These MP3 players are both perfect for the job. They are made to be used for swimming and are completely waterproof. This starts off with 2 reliable pairs because both also have a nice set of waterproof earbuds.

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