Master & Dynamic MW50+ Wireless Headphones Review

So, let’s get right into my review of the Master & Dynamic MW50 wireless headphones. I’m going to come right out and say that, of the many wireless headphones we’ve reviewed, this is one of the most interesting and useful options.

In the past, Master and Dynamic have produced some breathtaking headphones, with a level of fit and finish that is difficult to match. You’d be hard-pressed to find headphones of comparable quality from even the largest manufacturers. In light of their penchant for meticulous craftsmanship and aesthetically pleasing products, we were thrilled to get a set of MW50 for evaluation.

In the sake of time, let’s just say that the MW50+ headphones are not your standard Bluetooth headphones. Rather, they are a hybrid design that may be worn on or over the ear thanks to interchangeable pads. Combining convenience with portability for maximum convenience and ease of use. While many other concept headphones we’ve tried over the years have felt unfinished, the MW50 is well realized.

List of Best Master & Dynamic MW50+ Wireless Headphones

Master & Dynamic MW50 2-in-1 System

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The MW50 is just a single set of headphones with a technology that allows you to swap out the earpads for an entirely different look. To that end, you can choose between having them set up as over-the-ear (circumaural pads) headphones or in-ear headphones (where the pads sit directly on the ear instead of around it).

There have been a few previous approaches, but they were all either too radical to implement or too disruptive to the system to be practical. The MW50side +’s swap time is roughly 2 seconds.

In their current configuration, the headphones’ earpads are kept in place by magnets; to remove them and replace them with the alternate pads, you just take the headphones, pull off the earpads, and the pads snap into place It’s as straightforward as it should be, requiring no fumbling with clips or rearranging of headbands.

Justify your motivation for doing this. Okay, let’s be honest and say that it is a bit of a gimmick because most people will choose one style and stick with it. There are certain distinct benefits to using such a system over a static model, though.

Being able to effectively have two different styles simultaneously makes them a much more adaptable fashion accessory. Second, when used in the on-ear configuration, they fold up to an extremely small size, making them a fantastic choice for transport. But what if you don’t want the prolonged pressure that direct contact pads give during extended listening sessions when you go to the office? Okay, then switch to the circumaural pads, which are larger and have better ventilation. It all depends on your method of headphone use.

Master & Dynamic MW50 Accessories and Packaging

When it comes to the full package and extras, Master & Dynamic has always been at the top. The MW50, like the MH30 headphones and the ME05 earphones, has an attractive packaging design that makes the unboxing process a pleasure. The use of high-quality materials throughout makes for an attractive and practical design. The accessories are nearly flawless, and their quality is at the pinnacle of the consumer headphone industry.

As an aside, I’d like to say that Master and Dynamic Headphones are fantastic presents. I’ll be recommending this as a Christmas gift because it makes the recipient feel unique, is obviously high-quality, and is fun to unwrap.

There is a genuine sense of value for money in the contents of the box. Master & Dynamic have added features to the bundle that set it apart from the rest of its competitors, who typically skip out on the extras in an effort to keep costs down.

Exactly what is it that this box contains?

  • The brains behind your headphones, the Master & Dynamic MW50+
  • 1 pair of on-ear cushions made of soft leather
  • 1 pair of extra-large, leather ear cushions
  • The headphones come with one cable that plugs into a standard 3.5mm connector.
  • One convenient pouch bearing the Master & Dynamic logos

There’s just one thing I’d want to see added, and it’s something I always find lacking in headphone reviews: a rating system. Because there is no hardshell case provided, the provided pouch is your only option, and it does not provide any sort of protection from drops or other rough handling. If you plan on taking your headphones with you on the road, I suggest investing in a protective carrying case like this one from Cowin; but, if you plan on using them exclusively at home, you can get away without one.


The fact that Master & Dynamic headphones are aesthetically pleasing to me has been made abundantly obvious in previous statements on this blog. The retro-modern touches are subtle but complement the overall high quality. Using either earcup set gives the MW50 a slightly different appearance, but either way, it’s attractive and comfortable to wear thanks to its low profile.

Wrapped in sleek metal and plush leather throughout, these headphones look and feel as bit as high-end as they appear.

With a metal slider mechanism and a thick headband, these headphones will last as long as you do. Thin yet supple grain leather covers the band, and memory foam provides comfort. In contrast, the ear cushions are constructed from ultra-fine lambskin leather and have even softer memory foam on the inside for maximum comfort and durability.

While I appreciate that the ear cups can be swiveled 180 degrees inward so the MW50 may be laid flat on a table, I wish they could be folded up like many of its rivals. This seems like an unnecessary restriction to me, as it makes them less convenient to carry around in a bag when they aren’t in use and prevents you from using a wider variety of aftermarket case designs.

Each of the MW50’s three color options is stunning, so choosing just one is going to be difficult. You can choose between a sleek black, silver, and black scheme or the traditional silver and brown. Now that I’ve seen all three collections in person, I can say that they’re all exquisite in their own right.


The MW50 provides superior convenience to its rivals in both of these configurations. Unlike other manufacturers that utilize synthetic protein leather in this location, the lambskin leather used in the on-ear setting pads is incredibly soft and comfortable. While the MW50 is not the most comfortable pair of on-ear headphones, I was able to use them for around an hour longer on average than I could with other models before suffering any pain.

Wearing them for extended periods of time won’t be a problem once you switch to the over-ear earpads. Since the earcups are not in close touch with the outer ear, perspiration and heat pressure are not a problem.

I haven’t yet discussed the clamping force and the weight of these headphones, but they are two factors that significantly impact how pleasant they are to use. The MW50 is comfortable and easy to wear in either position without putting any weight on the shoulders or neck. Lighter clamping force makes both styles more comfortable, but reduces isolation somewhat.

We find similar levels of isolation in both versions. The on-ear design plainly provides less noise cancellation than the over-ear cup option. The MW50 will be a reliable pair of headphones for your daily commute, but they won’t block out as much outside noise as DJ-specific headphones like the Sennheiser HD25 or noise-cancelling headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM2.

The highest standards of sound quality with a cozy, uncluttered ambience

The Master & Dynamic MW50 are excellent headphones that work well with a wide variety of music thanks to their warm neutral tuning. These use 40mm beryllium drivers, which isn’t just for show; I also love the Campfire Audio Lyra and the IMR Acoustics IEMs, both of which also use beryllium drivers. The MW50 has a warm and inviting sound that yet manages to offer a wealth of sonic information despite being scaled up to a full-size headphone driver.

Top end – The MW50’s sonic profile at the highest frequencies is neutral and unobtrusive. But that doesn’t imply they don’t experience any highs at all. Their usual demeanor is one of quiet efficiency, but during the jazz round of our listening tests, they really shone thanks to the attention to detail in the treble register that prevented the music from being artificially boosted. When matched with suitable source material, the treble can be crisp and defined, but in most cases it is clean and smooth.

Mids – Instruments are well-defined while still sounding smooth and warm. Both male and female vocals worked well with them, but when they added stringed instruments, they truly shone. The midrange notes have a decent degree of decay, giving them an intimate quality. Although they do a decent job of retrieving midrange details, they are not as transparent as the 1More Triple Driver headphones. We did notice some midrange bleed on bass-heavy music, but only when we really cranked the volume.

The MW50’s best feature is its lows. They maintain composure and clarity while delivering robust low end. When used in conjunction with the larger than average earcups, these headphones truly excel, immersing and engrossing you in the music. Even though they don’t have the size to move as much air as a 50mm+ driver headphone, we have to admit that we were astonished by how nicely the changing bass frequencies were displayed because to the wonderful texture.

While the soundstage will ultimately depend on the pads we chose, both of these headphones deliver above-average width and depth in comparison to the competition.

I enjoy the music as a whole very much. These headphones are precisely adjusted, stress-free listening equipment. There are flat-response headphones that produce a more visceral audiophile-grade sound, but although they’re fantastic for critical listening at home, they’re impractical to use outside the house. The MW50 has a sound that many people will recognize, but it’s a decent one, and it complements nearly every genre we tried.

Summing Up: A Classic and Skillfully Delivered Conclusion

Among the most fashionable foldable headphones available, the Master & Dynamic MW50 is undeniably a high-end option. The interchangeable earpads add a layer of flexibility, but I anticipate that most users will eventually settle on a single style. The MW50+ headphones are one of my top picks for best-looking headphones of 2018 because to their sleek design and sturdy construction.

While I wouldn’t call this an audiophile headphone, it’s certainly among the best in the Bluetooth headphones market for the general consumer. They sound noticeably better than regular Bluetooth 4.0 headphones thanks to Aptx, which is included, which is a nice touch. The controls are straightforward and the atmosphere is relaxing and private.

The expensive asking price is the only real drawback, though, because the construction and materials are excellent and worth every penny. Yet another excellent pair of headphones from a company widely regarded as a market leader in the high-end audio equipment sector.

Recent Changes to the Master and Dynamic MW50

Six-month check-in – Over the past six months, the headphones have seen extensive use both in and out of the workplace, and there are a few things to keep in mind.

The style of these headphones is a big hit with consumers. Even though we already knew it looked well, this pair of headphones has received more aesthetic praise than any others we’ve used.

Exceptional craftsmanship went into making this. The lovely patina that has developed on the leather makes these headphones look brand new. There is no cause for concern regarding their long-term durability despite the fact that they have been dropped three times from a substantial height, put in a flight case, and carried on numerous occasions.

After the first break-in period of two weeks, I finally committed to only using them in the over-ear position. Since I do a lot of foreign traveling, I prefer this solution because I don’t have to have two sets of pads with me. If I were just using the headphones during my commute, I’d probably leave the larger pads at my desk and stick with the smaller ones.

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