Review: MINIRIG 3 Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker

We’re simply going to explain why buying the Minirig 3 Bluetooth Speaker is a no-brainer in this evaluation of the device. Nothing even from more costly speakers comes close to the highest sound quality in a rock-solid compact.

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 1. Bluetooth Speaker Minirig 3

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Yes, the third version of the Minirig has indeed dethroned the original, and it wasn’t done by some new startup or other company. It lasts even longer, is louder, and is more precise. If you want to know right away that I wholeheartedly recommend this speaker, you can skip the rest of this review. However, if you want to know why, feel free to stick around and read on.


The packaging for the Minirig 3 is very straightforward, consisting of a recycled cardboard tube embellished with Minirig graphics and some speaker-related information. Although it isn’t particularly fancy, I like that Minirig has essentially done away with waste materials from their packaging.

The Minirig 3 is within its custom carry case at the bottom of the tube, and all the extras and attachments are located at the top.

As is typical for portable speakers, there aren’t many extras included, however there is a Minirig lanyard, charging cord, sticker, and manual in the box. Of course, there is the actual speaker as well as the enclosed travel case.

The Minirig 3 has only one flaw in my opinion: it continues to use a proprietary connector rather than a standard like USB-C. The included connector is strong and long-lasting, and on my other models it has served me well over time, but I am constantly concerned that when traveling I might lose the cable and have to look for a replacement. I could buy a new one or even utilize the cable from my phone or laptop if it was a USB-C.

The case is great since it protects the Minirig during transport and allows you a place to store the charging wire when not in use. When packing it for a trip, it fits extremely closely with the speaker and doesn’t take up additional room in a luggage.


If you mistakenly thought the Minirig 3 was the first model or the second, you wouldn’t be mistaken because Minirig never modifies their designs, and there is a good reason for it. The speaker is built better than any other on the market, in my opinion, and is excellent as is. Yes, the Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth speakers are prettier to look at as are many others, but they are nowhere near as robust and compact as the Minirig 3’s chassis.

The aesthetic is uncomplicated and looks very industrial. It is offered in a variety of colors, which I like, and I like it. It’s very much a case of them trying to create the smallest, best-sounding speaker possible, and then trying to create a housing for it that is incredibly durable while adding the least amount of bulk to the design.

The Minirig 3 feels incredibly heavy and dense as soon as you pick it up. It feels like a solid block; there are no delicate parts or crinkly plastic.

The fact that the Minirig has accompanied me on three different long-distance motorcycle and camping journeys is proof of how tough it is. The first route went from Deli to Shimla in the Himalayas, the second the entire length of Vietnam, and the most recent route went via Colombia and up the spine of the Peruvian Andes.

It has been trodden on, shoved into kit bags, dropped and left out in the sand for an entire night in the Peruvian desert, and thoroughly soaked in the Amazon. It just keeps going, and if I had brought any other speakers, at least one of them would have failed over the past two years, in my opinion.

Funny enough, the majority of the other travelers who were on those travels went on to purchase Minirigs after being so amazed with how loud and bassy it was. While everyone brought speakers, we all watched movies or listened to music around the campfire using the Minirig.

As a result, the housing is constructed of rather thick anodized aluminum. You receive little rubber ring bumpers that are top- and bottom-branded with Minirig. Only the proprietary connector for charging and pairing with other devices (the Minirig can be daisy-chained to other speakers for louder surround sound) are available on the side.

The driver is hidden at the top of the unit behind seriously robust mesh that matches the speaker’s color.


The Minirig 3 portable speaker is incredibly easy to use. There are relatively few extra features, and there are no gimmicks like the ability to charge your phone or insert a micro-sd card. It is a speaker straight up and isn’t trying to be anything else.

To power on there is a slight bump of a button that when pressed, will start illuminating. When you turn the device on and look for a Bluetooth device, you are connected and prepared to listen to music while you are on the go.

The device doesn’t have a volume button, but it does have two power settings that will instantly make the sound louder and fuller. A single click of the power button will toggle between these modes.

Holding down the power button turns the device off.


Excellent battery life—the best I’ve ever tested—allows for well over 50 hours of playback between charges. Minirig states that it can run for 100 hours, but only at low gain and volume levels. The Minirig App and the Minirig 3 Speaker allow me to easily see myself getting over 70 hours between charges.


Although the hardware on the device itself doesn’t offer much in the way of additional functionality, there is an app that you can download from the Google Play Store that allows you greater control and flexibility over your setup.


  • Pressing the power button once will activate the play/pause feature.
  • Double-click to skip a track
  • Turn on the energy-saving mode (Minirigs 3 will turn off after 30 mins of inactivity)
  • Switch on Standby mode
  • Adjust your sound

You can also customize the sound of your speaker using the five-band EQ system that is supported by the Minirigs app. Because I’ve had some units struggle in the past, I was surprised by how well the speaker handled the EQing.


The Minirigs’ sound system features include the ability to link numerous speakers together to provide stereo sound and much more. Numerous Minirigs can be linked together and positioned in different places.


Unfortunately, I haven’t evaluated or tested the Minirigs speakers with the addition of the, but I plan to in the future. Without testing, I can’t say for sure whether adding a subunit would add too much bass to the Minirigs speaker’s already heavy bass signature or make it sound even better.

Your link in the subunit to the speaker and the way it functions should give the low end a sizable boost. As I mentioned, I haven’t had an opportunity to use one of these, but if you don’t mind carrying the extra weight, it may be an exciting addition.Sound Quality

Even though the Minirigs has been on the market for a while, many people still consider it to have superior sound quality to Bang & Olufsen’s A1 Bluetooth speaker. On an entirely different level is the Minirig 3.

The large single-unit driver inside is primarily to blame for how great the Minirigs sound. Almost all these other firms have chosen the approach of making multi-driver Bluetooth speakers whereas Minirigs has opted for a single really high-end device.

The Minirigs 3 sounds significantly better when compared to the competition when compared side by side. To be honest, it also sounds better than more substantial semi-portable speakers that are 5–10 times the size of the Minirigs.

There is little distortion, lots of detail, and a full, rich sound. Even at maximum volume, the speaker still sounds fantastic and only slightly degrades the bass rather than completely ruining the sound.

The bass can hit really hard, and it has an airy, transparent, and open sound to it. Even though it is not as loud as a full-sized speaker, full-throttle sub-bass outperforms anything made by B&O or Bose.

The sound signature is V-shaped with peaks in the highs and lows, but if you prefer a different tuning, you may use the EQ to reduce the highs or lows and increase the midrange, which will result in a flatter overall profile.


Positioning your speaker for the best sound quality is a tip that is worthwhile to mention (and one that can be used with whatever speaker you choose to purchase).

Put it close to a wall if you want to intensify the sound. The music will have much deeper bass and more depth. Even better stick it in a corner. Lastly, make an effort to keep your speaker on a stable surface. This will make it possible to reduce distortion and boost bass.


I wasn’t paid to write this review of Minirigs. Given how enthusiastic I have been about the Minirigs 3 throughout this review, I feel the need to make that clear. Because it is such a superb speaker, I would not suggest anything else, price permitting.

I have known a lot of individuals who have purchased the original Minirigs speaker since we reviewed it, and they are all astonished by how fantastic it is. Although it outperforms the competition, relatively few people are aware of it, and they continue to purchase inferior speakers like the B&O A1. The greatest build, longest battery life, and sound quality for its size are all found in this amazing small speaker. It makes no sense.

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