9 Best Running Earbuds for Exercise In 2023

I knew it was time to get some running earphones so I wouldn’t get bored on long runs. I began preparing for an Ironman race that would be finished in 2023 earlier this year. Unfortunately, a significant portion of that contained a component that I didn’t particularly enjoy. Running.

At 6’3″ and 220 pounds, I find running to be difficult on my body, especially over long distances, so I wouldn’t say I enjoyed the running component of triathlon training. But now that I had really gotten into podcasts and audiobooks over the past couple of years, I had something to keep me entertained while I ran for hours on end.

Running for more than 4 hours a day has led to a problem where I would frequently ruin my earbuds. I actually went through four sets in the first half of this year. It was time to put down whatever was nearby and search for the top running earbuds. I wanted earbuds that would sound nice, fit well, and last.

The Top 9 Headphones for Running in 2023



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The Sony MDR-AS800AP running headphones, which have a terrible name (as per usual), are one of my unexpected favorites this year. In order to obtain more great features for your money, you should choose the wired version rather than the Bluetooth version.

Thank goodness, the earbuds may be worn with or without the ear catch hooks, making them easier to use while not exercising. They are splash and sweat resistant (IPX4 rated), which is ideal for maintaining their functionality throughout long runs.

They have a microphone for taking calls, a 1-button inline remote control, and both. The 800AP is well-secured by the ear tips, which are the renowned hybrid tips from Sony.

They have a lively, enjoyable sound that works well for boosting adrenaline when you are struggling. They have a lot of warmth and a deep bass.



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We tested the Brainwavz S1 a few years ago and crowned them the best option for cheap gym headphones. They had strong housing, a sturdy cable, and exceptionally thick strain reliefs, and they were incredibly well crafted. The same features that make these earphones one of the best for running also make them one of the best headphones for the gym.

The over-ear cable design makes them ideal for eradicating bothersome cable noise when on the go. The sound is powerful and clear with a deep and hard-hitting bottom end that is sure to get the heart racing.

These have been one of our most rigorously tested running and gym headphones, and they are still in excellent condition nearly two years later. They seem like a great deal to us when you consider that you can purchase them for less than $40.

7. Apple AirPods Pro

 7. Apple AirPods Pro 3.

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The Bose SoundSport earphones have to be among the test’s most comfy earbuds. Bose headphones are typically associated with being expensive products, however the SoundSport cost less than $150, making them an excellent deal.

The earbuds are weather- and sweat-resistant, so they should withstand both your perspiration and anything the weather throws at you. They still sounded great when I used them while on vacation in Scotland, where it rained practically nonstop for two weeks.

With no cables to worry about, the special stay-hear tips performed wonders for keeping the earbuds in place throughout sprints and agility drills (these loop behind the neck). The use of these earbuds was quite simple.

Bose defies the trend in the running earphone category by tuning the Soundsport to be a more true-to-life rendition of the music than others on this list. Sound is really natural. Bass is just slightly boosted, and the treble is very crisp, making it the ideal accompaniment to rock and pop music.


 6. Earphones JABRA ELITE ACTIVE 75T

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It’s difficult to find fault with the Alpha & Delta D2M given its pricing, and we’ve just finished giving it a thorough evaluation. The D2M, which is specifically made to be a runner’s earphone, is less than $40 and still manages to give the majority of the capabilities found on earphones costing more than four times as much.

The D2M boasts an easy-to-use inline remote and microphone, sturdy cables, and a durable soft plastic construction. The superb strain reliefs—typically a weak spot on sports earphones—were also sweat-resistant throughout the entire earpiece.

We enjoy that the sound is pleasant and the bass is boosted even though it is average and comparable to other headphones for under $50. Although not the quickest sounding of all the earbuds on this list, it is undoubtedly the best option for the money.

5. Sony WF-1000XM4

 5. Sony WF-1000XM4

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The top earphones on the market are the WF-1000XM4. They are excellent for running in addition to sound, pricing, performance, and design. So it comes as no surprise that they also function nicely as a pair of running earbuds.

Why are they skilled at this? Naturally, they are sweat- and water-resistant. They offer some of the best noise cancellation technology available, but when using it in built-up areas, it can be set to an ambient mode via the app. At 70 percent volume, the battery life is 8 hours, and the carry case that comes with them may be used to charge them several times. Oh, and did I mention that 5 minutes of quick charging will give you an additional hour of playback? Stunning.

An easily repaired earphone. It tops both our lists of the best noise-canceling earbuds and the best true wireless earphones. The Sony WF-1000XM4 is a powerful IEM with a premium price tag, but if you’re looking for an all-purpose device that can be used for travel, play, and sport, there is nothing better.



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My personal choice for the finest earbuds for running this year is the Plantronics Backbeat Fit. These are incredibly effective, user-friendly genuine wireless earbuds. I adore how snugly they fit over my ears because to the soft, long-lasting hooks. The Beats model mentioned above was similar in that I appreciated how secure it felt while running quickly.

They provide just enough sound dampening so you can listen to music while running through crowded areas and urban locations. They let in just enough ambient sound to give me confidence.

The backbeat is obviously waterproof, as they should be, and the only reason I didn’t pick them as my winners was because the battery life in my testing was just around 5 hours, which I felt was below average. Even so, the 3100’s inexpensive cost and exceptional durability make them tough to ignore. If your runs and cycles don’t last 4 hours, you can still get away with charging them every other day.



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While we suggest the XM4 earbuds above as a premium everyday earphone that runners can use, the WF-SP800N is a model that is exclusively focused on sports. Simply put, Sony creates excellent earbuds, and these are no exception.

With the WF-SP800N, you can go cable-free with confidence thanks to its extremely secure fit mechanism. Additionally, they have an IPX55 classification for perspiration and dust, making them more than adequate for our purposes while not being entirely submersible. Additionally, they feature noise cancellation technology that performs admirably for earbuds at this price and have a very enjoyable bass sound.

Although it may vary, battery life was pretty good. With ANC turned on, we could operate for 8 hours between charges; when it was off, that time increased to 12.5. They fortunately also have a rapid charging feature, which I adore. After just 10 minutes of charging, you may listen to music at a moderate volume for an entire hour.



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Running was given top priority in the design brief for these Jaybird headphones because they are specifically made for athletic use. This is the most cutting-edge sports model offered by the company, and it is a hard hitter with many features the big guys don’t.

Despite being one of the smallest true wireless earphones in the test, it nonetheless produced a powerful sound with a deep, rumbling bass. However, the remainder of our music sounded crisp and clear, which was particularly audible when listening to podcast conversations.

They are IPX7 waterproof, sweatproof, and shockproof, and the build quality is very excellent. You shouldn’t have any trouble picking up the Vista and moving if you drop it.

Although the battery life was average, we praised it for the sturdy construction of the shell and the excellent ear hook system that kept the headphones securely fastened in our ears. Another thing to note is that it was tied with the Sony XM4 we listed above for signal strength, and even at a distance of meters from our source device, there were no dropouts.



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Running using bone conduction headphones allows you to have complete spatial awareness because they transfer sound through your bones rather than your ears. They are therefore excellent for running or cycling in populated places because you can still hear the nearby traffic and people.

The new Aeropex is the most advanced model from industry pioneers Aftershokz, whose bass is more powerful and the sound even more polished to fuel your runs. The Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headphones have an 8-hour battery life between charges.

They are entirely waterproof and have an IPX67 rating, which I also enjoy. They demonstrated during the test that they are incredibly strong and enjoyable to use. In the end, it would be difficult to convince me that they weren’t recently purchased.


Given that I live in a hot country (Cyprus) and run for longer periods of time every day rather than the occasional 30–60-minute run a few times a week like most sane people, I am aware that my position is a little different. But it does provide me the opportunity to review a lot more headphones and earphones. I tested numerous models since I had the time to do so.
I’ve therefore changed it up once a week since June and whittled it down to the top 10 earbuds. After that, repeat the routine of reviewing those earphones. All of these earphones have endured a great deal of strain, routine snagging and pulling, moisture issues (sweat and humidity), and regular abuse.

I required the following in my earphones and headphones for running:

  • An item that would be extremely sweat-resistant, ideally with an IPX rating.
  • An earpiece that is durable enough to survive repeated misuse.
  • An earbud with a remote-style control for changing tracks.
  • Wireless earphones for jogging need to have a long battery life.
  • Low microphonics, a snug fit that prevents them from shifting or dislodging when you move (cable noise)


Due to the ability to hear what is going on around them, I am aware that many people prefer using running earbuds as opposed to running earphones (in-ear).

Although I agree that running in a built area requires spatial awareness, I still prefer to be alone and free from interruptions. I enjoy shutting off the outside world so that I can focus on my runs.

Running earbuds may be the ideal option if you run in a busy urban area, and we’ve included them in the list of suggestions below.

The biggest issue I had with utilizing earbuds while jogging as opposed to earphones was comfort. Simply put, they never felt safe enough.

Earbuds may be ideal for some, but I found them to be less convenient and pleasurable to use on lengthy runs.


Now, let’s go. This part is only being included because I anticipate questions in the comments area. Simply said, running while using headphones is foolish, unnecessary, and burdensome. I don’t know how those people at my gym manage to put a full-sized pair of Beats headphones on while running on the treadmill. Even the smaller running-specific models look like a poor idea. No, serious runners run with headphones.

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