10 Best Trucker Bluetooth Headsets in 2023

Are you looking for the best and affordable trucker Bluetooth headsets? In previous article, we have introduce you to the best selection of headsets for motorcycle riders. Today we’ll bring you another type of Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers called “Trucker Bluetooth Headsets”.

Trucker Bluetooth headsets are those headsets that are worn by truckers while driving on long journeys on the road. The noise of the traffic, horns, and wind can be pretty overwhelming if one is exposed to it for a long time. Headsets are worn by them to drive well and not be affected by noise pollution. Hence, these are called trucker headsets. They help block the drivers’ ears and allow them to operate with comfort and help them concentrate better on the road.

List of the Top 10 Trucker Bluetooth Headsets of the Year

1. Best Under 50$- COMEXION Trucker Bluetooth Wireless Headphone

COMEXION Trucker Bluetooth Headset V5.0, Wireless Headphone

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  • Brand: COMEXION
  • Form Factor: Over-Ear
  • Connectivity: Wireless

These headsets are very comfortable to wear. Their size is adjustable, and the ear-cap can be rotated. This makes them very adaptable, and they can be worn for a long time. They also have the latest Bluetooth version, which makes them pair faster and work with more efficiency. These can also be paired with two devices at the same time.

These headsets can be connected via Bluetooth as well as using a USB cable. So, they can also pair with devices that have no Bluetooth. You can control the headsets easily with the help of control buttons.

Key specifications:

  • It can connect with devices without Bluetooth using a USB cable.
  • It contains a rotating ear-cap that can rotate in any direction.
  • It has the latest 5.0 Bluetooth version.
  • It has both wireless and wired modes.

2. Cheapest Amongst All- Mpow Bluetooth Microphone Wireless Headphones

  • Brand: Mpow
  • Form Factor: Over-Ear
  • Model: BH453A

This headset by Mpow is very lightweight and comfortable. This makes them wearable for hours. It has many features in it. The battery life is very long. It can work for 16 hours continuously. The standby time is 200 hours, and this is after charging the headsets for just 2 hours! The Bluetooth version is 5.0, which makes them ideal for all devices.

They have a fast and stable connection. They also have noise-cancellation for smooth and clear conversations on the phone. Thus, they are ideal for truckers. These headsets have a voice assistant, which makes all tasks easier.

Key specifications:

  • It has the latest version of Bluetooth.
  • It has a voice assistant feature in it.
  • It has a long battery life with up to 16 hours of backup.

3. TaoTronics Bluetooth Microphone Cancelling Headphone

TaoTronics Trucker Bluetooth Headset with Microphone

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  • Brand: TaoTronics
  • Form Factor: Over-Ear
  • Model: TT-BH041

The TaoTronics headsets are one of the best quality headsets. They have soft ear pads, which give comfort to the ears all day. These can even pair with two devices at the same time. These are the first headsets ever that use AI for noise cancellation. These headsets also have 34 hours long battery life which is the highest range.

They need to be charged for only two hours. The Bluetooth range is about 33 feet, which allows you to do your work even while moving around or walking. They have button controls, and you can adjust the volume, mute, unmute, etc., by pressing the buttons.

Key specifications:

  • These have a very long battery life which is up to 34 hours.
  • They have AI technology for noise cancellation.
  • They are adjustable and can fit everyone.
  • These headsets also have button controls for easy access.

4. Bluetooth Microphone Cancelling Wireless Talktime

Trucker Bluetooth Headset 5.0 with Microphone Noise Cancelling

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  • Brand: Conambo
  • Model: JBT900 Pro
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth

This headset is also useful for truckers. The control buttons make it very easy to answer or reject calls and play or pause songs. If the headsets get damaged within 45 days, you can get a full refund. It also has a two years warranty.

It also has a voice assistant like Siri or Google, which enables you to perform all tasks using voice commands. The boom mic has noise cancellation. The earmuff is made using soft and breathable leather. The earmuff and headband can move and be adjusted as required. The boom mic can rotate 360 degrees so that it can be worn in both ears.

Key specifications:

  • It has 22 hours of continuous talk time and 120 hours of standby.
  • It has a 45 days refund and 24 months warranty.
  • It has buttons for easy control.
  • It has a flexible design, and the mic is rotatable.

5. Best Runner Up- Bluetooth Talktime Cancelling Hands-Free Earpiece

  • Brand: Conambo
  • Model: K18 Pro
  • Form Factor: In-Ear

This headset by Conambo has the 5.2 version of Bluetooth, which is the latest version. It makes pairing with other devices rapid and easy. It also has a long battery life which is 16 hours after charging for 1.5 hours. It has a 240 hours long standby time. The mic and ear hook are flexible and hence very comfortable to wear.

The packaging comes with three silicon rubber ear tips of different sizes so that you can choose the ones that fit your ears. It has Google Assistant or Siri, which can help you make calls, listen to music, get reminders, notifications, alarms, news updates, etc.

Key specifications:

  • It has CVC8.0 noise cancellation technology.
  • It has 16 hours of continuous talk time.
  • It has a voice assistant for voice control.
  • It has the 5.1 version of Bluetooth.

6. AfterShokz Conduction Noise Canceling Microphone Commercial

AfterShokz OpenComm Wireless Stereo Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset

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  • Brand: Aftershokz
  • Model: ADC100SG
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth

Aftershokz headsets are noise-canceling headsets. The special DSP boom speaker allows the user to talk on the phone without being interrupted by background noises. It also allows us to have situational awareness as the open-ear design lets us hear what is going on. This enables the truck drivers to drive safely. It has around 8 hours of listening time after charging once. The 7th Gen bone conduction technology allows you to have a clear voice during calls and other tasks. The headset has a magnetic induction charger and a case for carrying it.

Key specifications:

  • It has bone conduction technology for clear audio.
  • It has 16 hours of battery life.
  • It has multifunction buttons for play/pause, etc.

7. Bluetooth Angteela Wireless Microphone Canceling

Trucker Bluetooth Headset

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  • Brand: Angteela
  • Form Factor: On-Ear
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth

The Angteela headsets let you stay focused on your work due to all-day-long comfort. The mic and speakers are adjustable to fit you perfectly. It has the 5.0 version of Bluetooth, which works with all devices. It lets you stay connected from a distance of 30 feet.

You can switch between your phone, laptop, or other devices by simply pressing a button. It allows you to talk easily in busy and noisy areas. It lets you have crystal clear audio in all conditions. The battery is long-lasting and enables you to talk continuously for 15 hours.

Key specifications:

  • It has advanced and high-tech noise-canceling technology.
  • It is lightweight, and the foam padding gives comfort.
  • Multi-point Bluetooth allows you to connect to two devices at the same time.

8. Best Overall- Mpow Bluetooth Mute Function Microphone Handsfree

  • Brand: Mpow
  • Form Factor: On-Ear
  • Model: BH231B

The Mpow headsets have many features. They have noise reduction during calls, and the Bluetooth has A2DP technology. This enables you to have clear calls. You can switch between two devices as Bluetooth has a dual connection. You can answer or reject calls, mute or unmute your voice, etc., by pressing a few buttons. Thus, it has simple controls. It has a good battery life which lasts for up to 18 hours and 200 hours standby after charging for 2 hours. It has a magnetic base for charging, which lets you charge your headsets anywhere.

Key specifications:

  • It has noise cancellation technology for robust audio.
  • It has a long battery life with 18 hours of continuous use.
  • It has a flip to mute/unmute the audio.

9. Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth Microphone Truckers

Plantronics Voyager 104 Bluetooth Headset

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  • Brand: Plantronics
  • Model: Voyager 104
  • Connectivity: Wireless

These headsets are built for long journeys and travels. They have a padded foam headband and earcups, which let you wear them for hours. The headband is strong and flexible at the same time. You can press the control buttons even while wearing gloves. These are durable and will remain in good condition in all kinds of weather. The noise-canceling technology removes 99.6% of the noise.

Key Features

  • These have a comfortable design with a foam headband and ear cups.
  • They also have buttons for controls that are easy to operate.
  • They have snake boom and noise-canceling technology for crisp sound.

10. Best Value For Money- BlueParrott B550-XT Canceling Bluetooth Headset

BlueParrott B550-XT Voice-Controlled Bluetooth Headset

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  • Brand: BlueParrott
  • Form Factor: On-Ear
  • Model: B550-XT

The BlueParrot headsets have noise-canceling technology. This is great for truckers as they can drive carefully and without any distractions. It has 24 hours of battery life and is perfect for long journeys.

You can use Sisi or Google assistant to make phone calls, listen to music, use GPS, check the news, set reminders and more. These are made from good quality material, which makes them ideal for outdoor use. They have good battery life and can work for one day continuously.

Key specifications:

  • It cancels 96% of background noise.
  • It has about 24 hours of battery life as well as 400 hours standby time.
  • It also has a voice assistant for performing various tasks.


What Are Trucker Headsets?

Trucker headsets are the headsets worn by truckers or truck drivers so that they are not overwhelmed by the continuous sounds of the road, vehicles, and horns, and they are able to concentrate better on driving.

Which Are The Best Headsets For Truckers?

Many headsets are made especially for truckers. Some of the brands that make trucker headsets are TaoTronics, Comexion, Mpow, Conambo, and Angteela.

What Are The Uses Of Wireless Headsets?

There are many uses of wireless headsets. They are not just limited to listening to music. They are also used for making phone calls, checking the weather, checking directions on Google maps, listening to the news, the radio, jokes, etc. The wireless headsets allow us to do all these tasks without managing the wires of the earphones all the time.


We can say that there are many headsets available for truckers. Truckers need to have headsets, especially for long journeys. These headsets have many features and are good in quality. This makes them long-lasting. The headsets have long battery life and have many shortcut buttons for quick use. This way, the truckers don’t lose concentration from their driving. Instead, these help the drivers to focus on the road.

The headsets also have the latest Bluetooth versions and other features. Hence, these are updated and work with all kinds of devices. These are an excellent option for all people and not just truckers. These are also comfortable so that the truckers can wear them for a long time. Hence, these headsets have all the features that are required for everyday use.

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